Advice and mentoring. Live. Wherever you are.

This by-appointment, by telephone advice and mentoring service is available, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

The hours of availability are variable to take account of Nigel Morris-Cotterill's location at the time.

If you are trying to work out what some particularly gnarly legislation or regulations require you to do, send an enquiry via the form and outline the issue. If it's something we cannot help you with, we will tell you then and there with no charge.

You book a time from the options that will be given to you and you prepay for the length of time you book. Bookings are in blocks: the first block is one hour or part thereof and then additional time is in blocks of half-an-hour or part thereof. Each call is on the same basis. If you want to develop a continuing relationship, then we can discuss a retainer.

If you would rather use e-mail, we can provide you with an e-mail address for submitting documents and enquiries. Again, this can be ad hoc or on retainer.

We will consider any aspect of financial crime risk and compliance. This service is available in English only.

To enquire, complete the enquiry form here


1. While we will not reveal anything about the discussions we have, you must understand that there are limits to that guarantee. The limits are that our discussions will not be covered by legal professional privilege. That means that relevant law enforcement agencies can compel us to reveal our notes of any discussions we may have or correspondence. In some cases, such agencies can compel us to reveal our recollections. In some cases, this can be done by administrative order by a senior officer but in most cases a court order will be required.

2. We are not a reporting agency. If you have suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing then you are obliged to make a report in accordance with your company's policies and procedures; if you are a reporting officer, you are required to report to the relevant FIU and, in some countries, a relevant regulator; if you work outside the sector that is regulated for money laundering/terrorist financing purposes, your report will be made to your local police or, in some cases, federal authorities.

3. This service is available only to those persons that we can verify as engaged by a legitimate business. For this reason we will require a registered landline and a corporate e-mail account. We will ignore any requests from any free mail services or addresses which bounce confirmation e-mails.

4. This service is not legal advice and your use of it recognises that position. We will not be held liable in tort or contract in respect of any consequences of any discussions we have. We will, inevitably not receive full and compressive information in part because you are not authorised by your local law to reveal certain information to third parties. We will, therefore, always be operating, to an extent in the dark. The advice we give will be on the following legal basis: reasonable efforts. If you wish to convert from this service to a full service agreement, either ad hoc or on retainer, we can discuss that with you at the appropriate time.

5. This is a by-appointment service. We do not accept calls other than by appointment.