20220310 The UK’s Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022

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The UK's Economic Crime Act contains new responsibilities for overseas companies operating in the UK.

It is a complex regime. We can help.

You can get an overview of the provisions in my BLOG/cast here: https://www.financialcrimebroadcasting.com/casts/20220310-uks-economic-…

The detail is very complicated. Worse, there isn't long to get your paperwork in order and failure to do so will result in civil penalties and, in some cases, criminal liability.

So we've fixed it.

We have re-written large parts of the Act, then we have re-arranged it and then we've built checklists to help owners of foreign companies and their advisers to make sure everything is done and done when it's needed.

Please note: this service relates to Part One of the Act and related schedules only.

The Act applies to a wide range of business structures regardless of their home jurisdiction.

It applies equally to Russian Oligarchs as it does to ordinary people using offshore vehicles to own UK property.

It applies to overseas companies owned by Britons.

It applies to pension founds operating overseas owning relevant property in the UK.

It applies to companies in the Cayman Islands, The Channel Islands, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, in fact all so-called offshore centres - and China, the USA, all EU states and all other countries.

If you, or your clients, are doing, or considering doing, any business involving the ownership of freehold or leasehold land in the UK through any form of offshore structure, from trusts to corporations, take the course now..


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