Nigel's Eyes

20220711 Ring not ring.

I am very good at compartmentalising.

When someone is trying to sell to me, I am the world's most impatient target; I don't want to use the phone, I don't want to read meaningless platitudes and I want short, to the point e-mails.

When I'm trying to sell something, I know I'm the world's worst salesman so I try really hard to be extra nice. But I still don't want to use the phone. It's almost a phone-phobia. I delay making phone calls because I dislike them so much.

And I absolutely do not want to be anywhere near video conferencing. I am without doubt a Zoomophobe.

These things are in conflict when someone is both a potential customer and a potential supplier. Then Mr Grumpy comes out.

Come to think of it, he comes out whenever I am in any kind of meeting.

This is why, in the past, I wasn't allowed to talk to people, regardless of whether they or we were the target.

I miss those days.

But more importantly, in a world of impermanence I just want everything documented. It's especially important when there are so many interpretations of the spoken word to deal with.

So to those who get nowhere trying to get me on the phone or video-conferencing, now you know. I'm not being awkward: I just have different preferences for communication, one that I'm actually good at. I like doing things I'm good at in preference to those I'm not.