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20221120 About Nigel Morris-Cotterill

There are several "about" pages. This one is a bit different.

I'm Nigel Morris-Cotterill, a long-time specialist in financial crime risk and compliance strategies, author of several books, many papers and even more articles.

I have a long term, generally positive, relationship with technology - and a long term, generally negative, relationship with those that over-sell its benefits.

I am opposed to language that obfuscates, in particular to buzzwords and acronyms.

I am an advocate for simple, straightforward law and regulation and against micro-management by regulators and by forcing compliance by fear.

I am against the drive to transfer functions of law enforcement to business but I am for businesses adopting responsible and effective policies and procedures to detect, deter and report suspicions of financial crime.

I am for the effective use of technology across the financial and other sectors but not at the price of surrender of control by the institution and its officers.

Many see me as contentious but I think I'm simply someone who cuts through the fluff and creates clarity where others see a lack of clarity as a tool of their trade.

My business areas include consultancy, we publish World Money Laundering Report, present on-line and face to face training and education and a BlogCast platform.

I am the chairman of The Financial Crime Forum the next event for which is Financial Crime in the Metaverse (online 6th December 2022 13:00 GMT . That event also includes tracing and recovering assets from kleptocrats.

We are always happy to hear from potential sponsors for online and live events and, in our publications, to carry expert level contributions both "in print" and at Financial Crime Broadcasting: