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Hello and welcome to my newsletter for 17 March, 2023

We've undergone a big change at World Money Laundering Report. After a decade as part of the Portmantau website Please Be Informed, WMLR is once more a stand-alone publication. Fun Fact we were amongst the first publications to be entirely e-publishing in 1999.

In the past week, we've had news about the man sentenced to more than five years in jail for intellectual property offences, the "hidden fraud" that's raised an estimated GBP50 million in a fraud against individuals in a not-quite-developed country, the woman who has found out that she's not protected when her company enters into a Non-Prosecution Agreement in the USA and much more.

We'e got articles by a regulator, a doctor who specialises in the interaction between people and machines and a risk management specialist
who says that self-centred people defeat risk management policies and procedures.

And there's much more at

At The Financial Crime Forum we're online and we've got "Upskilling the Compliance Function on 21 March with Luke Raven speaking on how compliance systems can be simplified and made more effective and Michael Loewen speaking about today's hot topic, open source intelligence or OSINT.

This Forum has a sub-theme - he help those considering or recently embarking on a financial crime risk management career. So, it's good for our usual senior compliance officers : book yourself and your junior staff. It's only GBP10 per ticket, so as to make it affordable for students and new entrants.

On 30th March, we will be doing something no one ever does. The Economic Crime Forum will look at the effects of a country being placed on an FATF black of grey list. Calvin Wilson, for many years the Secretary-General of The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force spent years on the front line between independent nations and the OECD/FATF/USA which worked in concert over small nations. Also Antonio Esser from South Africa, recently added to the Grey List, on the practical real-life problems that are caused to ordinary people, in particular with regard to remittances.

We have two series coming up: there's "Countering Counterfeits" and "Obligation to Prevent" will look at the increasing interest in
failure-to-prevent laws.

And there are stand-alone events: Online child abuse and payments tech, cybercrime and industrial espionage and sabotage.

To read more and to book these and other Fora please visit and here's a reminder: if it's not on that
website, it's not a genuine Financial Crime Forum. We know some organisations use our name to capitalise on our brand. So be cautious and always check. We don't have sales people to call you so if you get a telephone call trying to sell you tickets or sponsorship, you know it's an

Finally, there are quite a few things to read in my blog at

Thanks for reading!

I look forward to seeing you online at The Financial Crime Forum


Nigel Morris-Cotterill