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20230808 Nigel Morris-Cotterill's Newsletter

We took a summer break from The Financial Crime Forum and we've used our time very productively. Read on to learn more.


While The Financial Crime Forum has been taking its summer break, we've built another brick in the wall.

In fact it's the final brick in the wall that I started building when I began a specialist financial crime risk and compliance consultancy in 1994.

Since then we've added World Money Laundering Report, financial crime risk and compliance e-learning, Financial Crime Broadcasting for podcasts, The Financial Crime Forum and now FinCrimeTV.

FinCrimeTV is an on demand TV channel and this time, instead of building our own platform as we have always done in the past, we've elected to have it hosted on YouTube because it gives us an instant audience and a far greater reach than we would get with an isolated platform.

We launched, perhaps a little tentatively, on 1 August, 2023. But there's nothing tentative about it now.

We have Chin Wags with Julia Chin and The Old Codgers' Club. Julia is an experienced MLRO and has her finger on the pulse of risk and compliance professionals across the world. She knows what they are concerned about and she puts questions to The Old Codgers' Club aka The OCC.

There's more than 75 years accumulated experience, knowledge and skills. The OCC is not afraid to be blunt and to tell the audience hard truths. It's wide-ranging, sometimes argumentative, often funny and always chaotic.

The first three programmes are
- The Farage Farago which looks at de-risking and the decision making process behind it
- FinTech and Financial Inclusion Part 1 which looks at whether fintech is the right approach
- Fintech and Financial Inclusion Part 2 - The "Tech" in "FinTech".

There's a long list of future topics and there are already more programmes in the can awaiting release.

We have also launched Financial Crime Basics, which has two purposes. The first is to introduce the audience to the subject of financial crime; the second is to remind even very experienced members of the industry of the basics upon which all of today's complexity is predicated.

We are getting a great response from senior financial crime risk and compliance officers telling us that they had forgotten, or even never knew, these basics.

It's all free and, of course, we all hope that the audience will look to us for consultancy and paid mentoring.

As we say at the end of each programme "Follow, Like and Share but most of all Watch FinCrimeTV.

It's at .

Thanks for your time

Nigel Morris-Cotterill.