Nigel's Eyes

20211207 We get the governments we choose or fail to choose against. We do not get those we deserve.

I am outspoken and often wonder why I am not featured by the anti-establishment media that attack governments, “tax havens” and so on and so forth but, today, something I read brought it into focus:

I am not anti-establishment. I believe in the future of good government and in encouraging good governance and appropriate policies, not for the noisiest but for all.

I chide and complain and hector not to be destructive but with an optimism that, one day, things will be better; that governments will represent all their people; that countries will, once more, be allowed to exercise sovereignty; that the financially and ethically corrupt and self-serving will be booted out of power; that minorities are heard and respected but do not set the agenda for all; that democracy is sacrosanct – and effective – and that laws are simple and interpreted by experienced and wise judges so as to provide the last line of defence against autocracy and over-reach.

This is why I make a noise: it’s not for me: I’m reaching the end of my career and potential for influence. It’s for you and our children and our children’s children.

What I read was a promo for an event organised by a coalition of activist groups and amongst the speakers was a name I know well – a man who has spent much of his working life in the service of the establishment that the activists purport to support while pursuing a range of purposes of which stability is not one.

Look at the world, in every direction. Is it really going where we want it to go? And if not, how can we redirect it?

We get the governments we choose or fail to choose against; we do not get the governments we deserve.

We get the laws and regulations that we fail to argue against.

Then we moan.

It’s time to take back the agenda from pressure groups and “activists, ” bad politicians and power-hungry bureaucrats.

It’s time to make the right noises. For the right reasons.

It’s time for loud optimism and constructive recommendations.