This title is out of print pending the publication of a second edition in Q4 2024

Nigel Morris-Cotterill turns his hand, his consummate story telling, and his wicked sense of humour, to fiction and satire. Nothing is safe from his eagle-eyed observation and biting wit.

What do you do when you are out for a meal and things don't go quite right?

In "Enjoy! The Time Travellers' Guide to Eating Out. Repeatedly," there is a solution.

The results are both hilarious and, often, unexpected.

The essential financial crime casebook.

How not to be a money launderer was, quite probably, the most influential book about money laundering risk and compliance ever published.

In many respects it still is.

Now out of print pending a third edition in late 2024.

Sun Tzu and the Art of Litigation

The Essential Guide to winning in litigation

When a loved-one dies, we don’t know how to feel, we don’t know how to react and we don’t know how to behave. “Ten Things You Need To Know About Dealing With Death” is a quick and easy description of ten simple “Rules” that guide you through the grieving process, in the immediate aftermath of a death, in a practical and sometimes humorous way.

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Don't talk about "Trade Based Money Laundering." It's misleading.

Trade Based Financial Crime is a much bigger and even more important topic of which laundering is only a very small part.

Second edition: 2024. First edition 2014, republished under the current title 2015.

The Essential Guide to suspicion in financial crime: Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime

It is impossible to over-state the importance of suspicion in relation to financial crime. It is at the heart of protecting against fraud, bribery and other offences and, of course, it is an essential element of all financial crime risk and control systems for money laundering and terrorist financing systems.