Thompson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence / Compliance Complete published this article by Trond Vargen about identifying customers in 201r. This is picked up from a syndicated copy at The Hong Kong Lawyer magazine.

This is the unedited version of an article published by Thompson Reuters Accellus in October 2017.

This article examines the consequences of the view that it's always someone else's responsibility to keep us from harm and how it undermines financial crime awareness and related controls.

MONEY laundering opportunities abound in Ireland and across Europe, despite EU backed legislation introduced, in 1992 aimed at making life, impossible for the launderers. No one has been prosecuted in Ireland or Britain under the regulations.

This article was written by JANE SUITER

The Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC) is developing a reputation in connection with money laundering, according to an expert in the area.

Solicitor and author, Mr Nigel Morris-Cotterill said that the reputation may or may not be correct, but it was gaining credence among professionals who specialised in combatting the activity.

This article by Phil Caine appeared in The World on 9 February, 2011

Following the case in which a bank dropped a mosque as a customer based on information in a watch list, I was contacted by Complinet, for which I am a consulting editor, and asked for an opinion on the general circumstances of financial institutions, watch lists and de risking in general.

I was not invited to, and did not, comment on the specific case.

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Nigel Morris-Cotterill This article first appeared in Compliance Alert in May 2016.