Financial Crime Risks to Lawyers and those that deal with them (in house only).

Nigel Morris-Cotterill explained about the risks that lawyers face and pose as long ago as the mid 1990s.

From time to time, he has mounted seminar tours to many jurisdictions.

As a solicitor in England and Wales, now retired from practice, he has real-world experience of the issues concerned.

There is much fuss about lawyers and money laundering and rightly so.

To put it into perspective: a senior financial crimes officer with London's Metropolitan Police said that, in every money laundering case that came before him, there were lawyers involved.

More than 25 years later, that's still more or less the case. The only reason it's not the case now is that so many other business areas, such as accountants, deliver legal or quasi-legal services and in money laundering schemes they do the things lawyers used to do.

It is true that many money laundering schemes do not require a legal structure.

The involvement of lawyers goes beyond creating and managing structures: it includes being an active participant in laundering schemes.

And schemes for bribery, corruption and terrorist financing.

In this way, lawyers are at risk from their clients and from other lawyers; and lawyers present risks for other lawyers and a wide range of financial institutions.

This course is about risk. It is not about law or compliance.

It is therefore non-jurisdictional.

Duration: Full course: two days.
Language: English

Price: dependent on location and travel time, travel costs and time expended.

We will consider a course to be in-house if it is arranged by e.g. a group of small firms.

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