Trade Based Financial Crime - beyond "trade based money laundering."

Many people talk about "trade-based money laundering."

But they shouldn't. Money laundering is a tiny, tiny part of the criminal activity that is conducted through business structures such as companies and partnerships. So any study of the subject must look at the much wider picture of "trade-based financial crime".

Nigel Morris-Cotterill's career in legal practice included advising businesses from little local hairdressers through national banks to international trading companies including a global oil company.

He has direct experience of all today's questionable practices that were not only not illegal but were accepted and in some cases actively encouraged by governments around the world.

You'll never want to refer to TBML again.

He is the author of the two-volume book "Trade Based Financial Crime" in which he examines the mechanisms by which businesses commit - and disguise - criminal conduct.

Yes, money laundering is a part of it but it's not a big part. It's a consequential activity.

In this two day course, Nigel Morris-Cotterill will explain now criminal activity underpins so much of the world's economies with examples and guidance.

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