Trade Based Financial Crime - beyond "trade based money laundering."

Don't talk about "Trade Based Money Laundering." It's misleading.

Trade Based Financial Crime is a much bigger and even more important topic of which laundering is only a very small part.

Trade Based Financial Crime Volume One: Beyond "Trade Based Money Laundering"

Financial Crime and commercial activity are intertwined. While there is a simplistic view that the financial sector and law enforcement should concentrate on money laundering in trade, that is far, far from the reality: to consider the financial crime risk and compliance aspects. It is absolutely essential to go beyond "trade based money laundering" or its acronym "TBML".

The starting point in any assessment of risk in commercial activity is not to understand the criminal abuses, but to understand the commercial activity. In this way, the abnormal is more likely to stand out.

That's what Trade Based Financial Crime, Volumes 1 and 2, do.

Building on the commercial activity, the opportunities for abuse can be seen and, because of that, financial crime risk and compliance officers are shown avenues for their Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence processes both at the time of customer acquisition and during the business relationship.


Nigel Morris-Cotterill has been a financial crime risk and compliance strategist since 1994 and before that was a solicitor in private practice in London. - here or order from your local Amazon website - search for product code B0CQRLMY4S (paperback) or B0CQRL979Q (hardback).

Volume 2 is slated for publication in Q2 2024.