Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training : Face to Face.

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training

In House and In Person Training

Short courses - in house - for the financial, law enforcement and regulatory sector.

Short in-house courses to be delivered face-to-face.

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We’ve been delivering financial crime risk and compliance training and education across all sectors since 1994.

All against the background of an unrivalled level of understanding and expertise.

We know our stuff. And we know yours.

And, just to be safe, we know the other guy’s too.

Others: Courses for non-financial businesses and more.


Financial Crime Risks to Lawyers and those that deal with them (in house only).

Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime

Building an effective risk matrix before you buy RegTech

Trade Based Financial Crime - beyond TBML

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The Financial Crime Forum:

For 2024 we are producing jurisdiction-focussed Fora on the third Tuesday of each month.

Starting at 2pm, with three speakers plus a discussion, we're done in two hours, causing minimum disruption to your day and providing maximum information and value.