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Breaking News As countries begin to open their borders and relax restrictions, we can now begin to offer face to face, seminars and training: In-house and open to all.

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Read on for details of other methods of delivery.

We’ve been delivering financial crime risk and compliance training and education across all sectors since 1994.

We’ve been producing e-learning since 1997.

We’ve had our own platform since 2002.

And a totally new platform in 2020.

All against the background of an unrivalled level of understanding and expertise.

We know our stuff. And we know yours.

And, just to be safe, we know the other guy’s too.

We have a history of delivering remote learning since 1997 and built our own training system since 2002.

The latest iteration was launched in 2020.

No masks; auto-distancing.

Courses for front-liners, managers, compliance officers, directors and owners.
And regulators, enforcement and investigation agencies, legislators and judges.

In 1997, we launched a series of audio lectures on cassette tape.

We avoided the early stages of the podcast pandemic but we are returning to the format with audio versions of Nigel Morris-Cotterill’s blog.

Quick to Learn More: Online learning for front-liners to senior managers.

Essentials: Online learning for compliance officers and owners/directors of regulated businesses

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training .com

Advanced: Online learning for those who are serious about financial crime risk and compliance.

Case Studies: an on-line casebook which goes back to the source material and explains cases in detail – emphatically not a story book.

Others: Courses for non-financial businesses and more. Includes a course for young people to help them spot when criminals are trying to recruit them.

FinancialCrimeRiskandComplianceTraining .com

Your Manuals, Our Platform: we can convert your policy and procedures manuals into an e-learning format. You can monitor your staff’s progress, test them and provide a readily accessible reference guide for them.

Face to Face

In February 2020, we returned to face to face seminars for in-house only.

In April 2020, we begin seminars that are open to all.

In May 2020, we hold the first Financial Crime Forum since the world went into lockdown.

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The Financial Crime Forum: The Financial Crime Forum is currently hanging about waiting for the CoVid-19 Pandemic to end. We have plans in place for when we can travel again. We are looking forward to hosting not only our high-level Fora but face to face seminars, too. Keep an eye on for news.