Don’t think outside the box: deny there’s a box.

The power of independent thinking must not be overlooked.

There is a tendency towards narrow thinking by supranational bodies, governments, regulators, training companies, FIUs and, even, financial crime risk and compliance officers.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill’s strength, and how he can benefit your organisation, is that he is not and never has been part of that approach.  When presented with opinions he questions, tests and proves, or often disproves, them.

He runs into the wind while others sail before it.

Equally importantly, he presents your organisation with a balanced view and a view that is, often, to a point over the horizon enabling you to develop policies and procedures that are stable, not affected by fashion which leads to more effective systems, more effective compliance and a staff which is not frustrated by constant change. This means cost savings because systems and controls do not need regular substantial revision and staff do not need major retraining to meet current political policy demands.