20131212 – why I’m starting a monthly newsletter for my LinkedIn Contacts

Good morning

I’m Nigel Morris-Cotterill, one of your contacts at LinkedIn. I’m Head, The
Anti Money Laundering Network and I find LinkedIn to be full of “noise”
from hundreds of “likes” of jobs, magazine articles, puzzles and games.

And then there’s the personal stuff that would be better placed on a social
media site. By the time I plough through the junk that LinkedIn itself
plants on my page, far too much of my time has been spent for no good
reason and I lose interest in reading it. And if I’m mobile, the time that
is valuable v the time that is wasted is heavily into negative territory.

I’m quite sure you have exactly the same reaction. We’re busy people.

So this is my solution: just like those Christmas “round robin” letters
that lets the entire family catch up with what’s been happening, I’m going
to send to each of my LinkedIn contacts a once-per-month e-mail that will
give you all the news you need about The Anti Money Laundering Network and
what it’s up to.

Of course, you can keep up in real-time by visiting our relevant websites
(and the odd thing on LinkedIn if you can find it). On the websites, you
can use RSS in your browser or sign up to specific mailing lists for
information on seminars, e-learning, information services and, of course,
my blog which ranges from the humorous to the acerbic.

Our techies are doing lots of work on various websites but I’ve dragged one
of them off her usual project to provide a single page with links to help
you identify which websites you might like to subscribe to.

If you visit
you will find links to each of the various things listed below and to other

And so onto the meat of this mail.

First, our publications division has announced a special offer for new
subscribers to the Site Licence scheme of World Money Laundering Report. If
you order and pay for your a new 2014 Site licence before 20 December 2013,
you’ll get GBP150 off the price of a new subscription.

Secondly, our seminars division, The Financial Crime Forum, has changed the
dates of its seminars to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in January 2014. The
changes are to take account of public holidays. I’m presenting both

– Foundation Course for new Money Laundering Risk Officers
– Advanced Due Diligence.

The early bird dates have also been changed and now are effective for
bookings made and paid for before 20th December 2013: there are big savings
to be had if you move quickly.

Third, later this month, the final issue of World Money Laundering Report
Volume 12 will be published.

Fourthly, in January, other things being equal (and they rarely are) we
should see the publication of my new book “How does that make you feel?.”
It’s an analysis of suspicion in relation to money laundering, terrorist
financing and the making of SAR/STRs. The idea from the book arose from an
article I wrote for Complinet / Thomson Reuters Accelus which turned out to
be one of their most popular articles. As I delved deeper into the subject,
it became clear that there was much more to be considered than an article
could cover. And within days, it had begun to turn into a book. Watch my
blog for progress reports.

The new book joins my existing titles “How not to be a money launderer” and
“Sun Tzu and the Art of Litigation” in both paperback and ebook.

We have a number of initiatives on the stocks for 2014 which are intended
to improve the quality of information and the quality of life for all those
involved in the financial crime arena (or at least those on the side of the
angels). I’ll tell you about them as they get closer to fruition.

I hope you like the idea of a once-a-month update and that it saves you
time trawling through pages of LinkedIn’s clutter and that, if you want
more regular updates you will sign up at the relevant websites or use RSS.
If you don’t want this monthly update, just click on the link below and you
will disappear from my list with no hard feelings.

Finally, here’s the most important thing: I wish you a very merry Christmas
and hope that 2014 is a year you remember fondly.

Best wishes

Nigel Morris-Cotterill
The Anti Money Laundering Network.