20131213 Standing to one side of LinkedIn

There’s no point in repeating myself: here’s the text of a message I have just sent to all my LinkedIn contacts – all new contacts will be added to the mailing list so they get the monthly e-mail.



I’m Nigel Morris-Cotterill, one of your contacts at LinkedIn. I’m Head, The Anti Money Laundering Network and I find LinkedIn to be full of “noise” from hundreds of “likes” of jobs, magazine articles, puzzles and games.

And then there’s the personal stuff which would be better placed on a social media site. By the time I plough through the junk that LinkedIn itself plants on my page, far too much of my time has been spent for no good reason and I lose interest in reading it. And if I’m mobile, the time that is valuable v the time that is wasted is heavily into negative territory.

And I’m quite sure you have exactly the same reaction.

So this is my solution: just like those Christmas “round robin” letters that lets the entire family catch up with what’s been happening, I’m going to send to each of my LinkedIn contacts a once-per-month e-mail that will give you all the news you need about The Anti Money Laundering Network and what it’s up to.

Of course, you can keep up in real-time by visiting our relevant websites (and the odd thing on LinkedIn if you can find it). On the websites, you can use RSS in your browser or sign up to specific mailing lists for information on seminars, e-learning, information services and, of course, my blog which ranges from the humorous to the acerbic.


That’s it. It’s all said and done.