20140813 Back in Black (and White)

It’s taken far longer than expected but as of two minutes ago, “How does that make you feel? Identifying suspicion in money laundering and terrorist financing” with all errata in the body of the book instead of on the more usual scrap of paper is available.

UPDATE: the title of the book was subsequently changed to Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime and it was republished under that title but the content as as mentioned in this article.

Over the next few days, it will be available through all Amazon group sites and, within a few weeks, through bookshops (both on-line and traditional). The content has not changed, it’s just tidying up typos and the odd layout thing. Also a minor layout change has meant we’ve been able to substantially reduce the number of pages.

What happened was this: the black and white cover was finalised and approved. Then, at the last minute, someone had the bright idea of adding the subtitle of all my books to the front covers, in a block at the top. That was fine and it looked nice.

No one noticed that the same text is repeated on the back cover and, there, it overlapped with the blurb.

Only when hard copies were produced did we find out.

So, luckily, before many books were produced, there was a scurrying around to remedy it. It was a simple fix. But at the same time, a scan of the final book had revealed some typos and grammatical errors that had evaded attention despite several edits and proof reading in several different forms of computer program and output and on paper.

So I picked up a copy, several pencils and some sticky tabs and set to work reading word by word, punctuation mark by punctuation mark. It’s surprisingly easy to be critical when you’ve not seen a piece of work for several months.

It was also quite fun to spend an afternoon with my book in a bar called “Laundry.” Anyway…

The changes upset the formatting. So that had to be redone which is not an automated process because, for example, graphics were out of position and putting them back into position moves other things around.

There were screams from the room next door to mine as another piece of the jigsaw moved somewhere seemingly random.

So, all done, it went back into proofing this time just for layout.

Something went wrong with some tables and they went haywire. So they had to be done again.

Right before another layout check, I decided we had too much white space top and bottom of each page. So I demanded that these be modified. That upset the formatting. Again. In a huge way. But it’s saved almost 40 pages across the book.

More screams.

Anyway, at last it’s done and it’s ready. Please help all the people that worked on it in a crazy two weeks to start their Christmas Fund by buying at least one copy for each member of the risk management and compliance team in your company 🙂

Incidentally, the book will not be available for Kindle / Kindle Reader, at least for the foreseeable future and possibly never. I’m fed up with what appears to be fraudulent downloads of other titles for which we don’t get paid.

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