20140930 It’s time for public sanctions against Israel.

According to Sky News Israel had a bad day yesterday. Ten of its soldiers were killed. In uniform, some within Israel’s borders.

Sky news did not use such sympathetic terms when reporting what happened in Gaza on the same day.

128 Palestinians were murdered, none in uniform, none demonstrably in the military.

Israel blew up Gaza’s primary electricity generating station having already disrupted power, water and sewage across the region, people who had been previously injured died in hospitals because Israel has blocked supplies of healthcare products, thousands tried to run but there is nowhere to go – and when they do congregate in what they believe to be safe houses, they are attacked with rockets and bombs.

Israel complains that a handful of HAMAS fighters with light arms crossed the border through tunnels while itself crossing the border with heavy armour and many, many troops.

Sky News showed the damage caused by a HAMAS rocket: it was a four inch round, three inches deep (approx) hole in a road, apparently this is what Israel says is the justification for its actions; Sky News showed an Israeli woman, saying that she can no longer tell her daughter that her home is safe from attack because HAMAS can come through tunnels; it showed a highly agitated father mourning his soldier son.

Scorecard for one day.
HAMAS: a hole in the road, Israel: destroyed infrastructure.
HAMAS: rockets near but not into civilian populations; Israel: UN specified and notified refugee shelters subject to missile and bomb attacks.

Palestinians killed by Israel: 128, Israelis killed by HAMAS, 10.

Civilians killed by Israel: 128. Civilians killed by HAMAS, nil.

Civilians injured by Israel: hundreds, Civilians injured by HAMAS: nil.

Property destroyed by Israel in one day: too much to calculate; Property destroyed by HAMAS – a few hundred dollars.

Let’s see how Hillary Clinton who has demonstrated rabid anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian positions since she started her own political career in New York and is busy telling the American people that all the trouble in Gaza is generated by HAMAS spins that, shall we?

As for the rest of us, just as we pressed for and got sanctions against Russia following the attack on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, now let’s start our own campaign of rejection of all Israeli goods and services.

If governments won’t deliver the sanctions that are needed, let’s start our own.

And if that means that, by promoting this concept, the US Government decides that I, personally, must be named as a person the USA and its citizens will not be allowed to do business with because I support a boycott of Israel, then so be it.

If it helps stop this murder and conduct which is bordering on genocide, if it helps stop the attacks on a woefully under-armed and unprotected population by one of the world’s most militaristic states, then that is a price I am prepared to pay.

I do not pretend HAMAS is angelic: it patently is not. But Palestine in general and Gaza in particular needs protection and the so-called international community is not even trying to provide it.

We, the people, need to make a stand because governments will not.

The more people that are prepared to stand with me, the more the USA, in particular, will find it difficult to try to bring us all to heel with insidious action to prevent our free speech and right to spend our money honourably.

So act: share this, write your own version, distribute it and reject all goods, services and any other product originating in or owned by Israel.

Tell shops why you are not buying those goods.

Urge companies not to supply to Israel.

“Unfriend” Israelis on Facebook, “unfollow” on Twitter, de-contact on Linked-In.

Build a campaign that shows all Israelis that we will not tolerate the actions being taken in their name, even if their name is being taken in vain.

And all the while make it plain that this is nothing to do with religion: it is not anti-Jewish, much less anti-Semitic. It is specifically and expressly action against Israel as a state.

Start today.

Because, if today is a repeat of yesterday more people will die and suffer at the hands of Israel.

And the fastest way of changing minds is to cut off an economy. Israel has done exactly that to the whole of Palestine except those parts it has illegally occupied.

It’s time it got a taste of its own medicine.

© 2014 Nigel Morris-Cotterill
All rights reserved



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