20150316 I booked a flight with Etihad Airways. This is what happened next…

I told him that I refused the hotel because there was no way I’d make the connecting flight. He went away and I made several phone calls. He and came back and gave me a voucher (actually he wrote on my boarding pass) for the business-class lounge and told me I could use that and the staff would wake me up.

That solved one problem: I would not miss my flight, someone would make sure I did not and I would not have to sleep on the floor of a crowded airport.

Before dozing, I tried to send an e-mail with a formal complaint. I found several addresses. Each one failed. Eventually, I posted a message on the Etihad Facebook page. Almost immediately, I got an address to write to – and a message from someone else wishing me luck and telling me that his experience was that Etihad would, after an initial contact, just ignore me until I went away. Surely not, I thought: this airline wins awards.