20150828 Jeremy Corbyn, a man for everyone

Friday, 28 August, 2015 – 02:09

I’m amused by the social media campaigns for Corbyn as an icon of socialism in the UK.

It seems that he’s the man for everyone – so long as you are from a minority that he can claim to support or a self-interest group that can garner votes from its members.

Note: he is not in favour of entrepreneurialism, he is not in favour of hard working people keeping a fair share of their rewards, he is not in favour of reducing the civil service, he is not in favour of simplifying the tax structure, he is not in favour of properly manning or equipping the police or the armed forces, he is not in favour of reducing the country’s debt, he is not in favour of … well, anything that will return the country to economic health, basically.

He’s a typical socialist: feeding the proles a steady diet of dissatisfaction, promoting social dissent, directing education away from personal and social development, converting the young to believe that the state should provide (but don’t tell them that they have to pay for it), making political capital out of the genuinely disadvantaged but not actually helping them.

A man for everyone? Not me, chum.

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