20151023 Charity begins at home – not. And other short stories.

Given the vast numbers of people arriving in Europe from Syria, it has to be assumed that at least some are radicalised or violent Jihadists. The failure to contain the movement of these people, who are by definition criminals having breached border controls, at borders and return them to their point of departure is a disgrace which can only backfire on Europe. There is a growing view that the UK’s in/out referendum in relation to membership of the EU will, regardless of the agenda politicians and their media pals choose, be heavily influenced by those who now fear unrestrained migration into the UK from within the EU of those granted permission to stay by another EU state.

Figures show that in the past year, intra-EU migration into the UK has increased to 330,000. These have not been coming to waiting jobs. Worse, that is only legal migration. Let’s put that figure into perspective: it is almost exactly equal to the number of Jews living in the UK according to the Council of British Jewry. And the UK has had Jews since before Christ. No one knows how large the illegal migration problem is. But one thing is for sure: a massive rapid cultural shift is going to lead to trouble.