20160115 How DailyMotion.Com profits from criminal enterprise and may be helping terrorists.

Friday, 15 January, 2016 – 00:00

I woke this morning expecting to pack for a trip, do a few bits and pieces at work, put the data I need for travel onto a portable drive and clean the house so I don’t come back to a dump, all after enjoying the first cup of tar-like coffee that starts my day.

As usual, while the espresso machine was heating up, I turned looked at the overnight e-mails. There, right in plain view, was another example of why the internet needs a major clean up.

Google Alerts informs me that someone (a presumably fake name) has posted a video at DailyMotion.Com with the name of my book Sun Tzu and the Art of Litigation as its title – and added a couple of random words at the end, presumably in an effort to pretend it’s something different.

Worse, under the video there is a note saying “download the pdf free.” I very much doubt that anyone clicking on this is ever going to download a copy of my book, partly because it has never been publicly released as a PDF. These criminals have scraped dozens of titles from Amazon sites and used them to attract attention to their postings at DailyMotion.com.

DailyMotion.Com has a copyright infringement form – but after multiple failures to get the form to submit, I gave up.

I wrote to their press office. I pointed out that their form does not work, at least not for me, and that they are profiting from a criminal enterprise. I’m waiting for a reply.

But it might be worse: there is zero evidence to say that DailyMotion.Com is aware that it is, as US law has it, providing material support to terrorists. At least, not until someone there reads this post. Now, just as they are on notice that they are benefiting from the crimes of others and therefore prima facie subject to the USA’s federal money laundering laws, they are on notice that the criminals who are posting these links in order to make illegal profits, directly from fraud or indirectly from any one of many forms of malware, may be raising funds for terrorists or may be committing access and / or routing offences for terrorist purposes.

Governments MUST take action to ensure that providers of internet services are required to take measures similar to banks, etc, to identify their customers and identify suspicious activity.

That is one of the basic theses of my book Cleaning up the ‘net

It is not acceptable that my morning coffee is spoilt by the actions of companies who think their commercial interests over-ride my intellectual property rights and the safety and the security of nations.

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