20160526 Brexit: the young should register to vote – but they should vote “Leave”

We were not told of the political aspects of the Treaty of Rome.

We were not told that the European Project was to form a European Superstate: we would almost certainly have rejected that – did we really want to put our future in the hands of Germany, France, Spain and Italy? Of course we did not.

We were not told that the plan called for the ever-increasing absorption of poor, politically unstable states, and in particular not those who were (at the time) still members of or closely associated with the USSR.

We were not told that there would be plans for a European Armed Forces initiative to which our own Army, Navy and Airforce would be subjugated.

We were told that there were plans for a common currency, but we were not told that this would mean the emasculation of our Her Majesty’s Treasury. Later, when the scheme became clearer, the UK wisely (as it later turned out) decided not to join although the decision did not look so clever when it was made.

We were not told that huge areas of our lives would become subject to European overview and control.

In the light of the simple and woefully incomplete information we were given, I supported the campaign, I went “on the knocker,” delivering leaflets, sitting in the living rooms of people selling them the propaganda I had been given.