20160526 Brexit: the young should register to vote – but they should vote “Leave”

The UK should continue as a member of Europol and pay an appropriate share. It should remain part of the EU Arrest Warrant scheme and the extradition schemes. Britons should be citizens of The UK, not citizens of Europe. What’s wrong with us needing visas and permission to work in other EU countries? After all, the failure to properly handle international VAT militates against the free movement of enterprise, even while the free movement of labour is actively promoted.

We should properly reactivate the British Commonwealth: turn it into a global economic powerhouse and stop this nonsense about integrated political union across Europe or elsewhere.

The scare stories about how UK trade will suffer are entirely unproven. The stories as to how UK security will suffer are, fascinatingly, opposed by the people who really know – the chiefs of the armed forces and the security services.

Yes, the young should vote. But they should not make the same mistake I made when I was young.

Vote “Leave.”