20160526 Brexit: the young should register to vote – but they should vote “Leave”

And if the young are still wavering or if they tend to adopt the “Stay” arguments, then I suggest you speak to those who remember Britain before. Was it better, was it worse, did you feel safer in or out of Europe?


David Cameron says that Britain will be better off within an improved EU. But the UK is demonstrably unable to compel that improvement. We don’t even know what improvement he is talking about. He wants the young to accept his rhetoric, to accept the pig-in-a-poke. He has produced zero evidence to support a remain vote, only playing to fears.

All the economic forecasts showing doom and gloom for the EU do not take into account the savings in administration costs, the costs of funding the European Parliament and its members.

We are being fed, as we were in 1975, a false and incomplete picture.

Yes, the young should vote. But they should vote for an independent and strong UK, not an ever-weaker member of a broad-left coalition which is what the EU tends to be.

European governments tend to be left-leaning. The UK and often Ireland are, generally, the only stand-outs against the development of a socialist superstate. That, of itself, should be enough for the “Leave” vote to win.

Ireland has been prevented from following its own path on taxation, to become a broad-base, low tax economy. Why? Socialist Europeans don’t like the idea that commerce will be attracted to a low tax economy within Europe. They can spin it however they like but that’s the truth of it.

Yes, the young should vote. They should make fully informed decisions, not those based on short booklets, pamphlets and sound-bites in replies to scripted questions.

There is only one vote to save the UK and your future from an experiment that has failed. The EU is a failed state and like most failed states it has become ever more autocratic and ever more dogmatic. It has become ever more determined to exercise control over the lives of those who might challenge it. Boris Johnson’s Hitler reference might have been excessive but it was not entirely wrong: the EU’s only solution to its existing failures is more of the same, but bigger, stronger and louder.


Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Vote “Leave.”

© 2016 Nigel Morris-Cotterill
All rights reserved.

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