20170926: My newsletter – Improving Suspicious Activity Reporting – HKG, SYD, MEL, (CGK)JKT, DXB, LON

Regulators will benefit from learning how the entities they supervise are better able to design and implement systems for risk-assessed systems having specific regard to how individuals within organisation define, identify and react to suspicion.

Financial sector and other regulated businesses will learn techniques for the development of a financial crime risk reduction and management strategy by understanding why members of staff do, and do not, identify suspicious activity.

Prosecutors and judges will learn how to explain, to a lay jury, the complex matters that lie behind failures to identify and report suspicions.

Despite the shift in language emanating from e.g, the FATF and regulators, there has not been a corresponding shift from compliance to risk management at legislative, regulatory or operational levels. In fact, compliance has become almost completely dominant.

Failures in compliance systems are punished but failures in risk management are little understood.

I will encourage round-table discussions which, I hope, will engage all the target audiences.

Starting in Hong Kong in September, then Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) in October, onto Jakarta in November and Dubai and London in December.

Seats at each event are limited so please don’t delay. There are no marketing gimmicks such as discounts for multiple seats or early bird. While some of our competitors are charging as much as GBP1,700 for a two day event, our policy at The Financial Crime Forum has always been to provide the best value we can, hence a fee of only GBP500 for two days, plus UK VAT where applicable.

To book, please see www.financialcrimeforum.com.

*Are you a regulator or a professional body? *

The tour has sufficient spaces for those who would like to run it in-house or for regulators and/or professional bodies to organise it.

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