20171207 The falsely accused contrarian and the bubble people.

I’m actually arguing for a fully-formed, wide open, entirely non-discriminatory, fully transparent democracy in which logic, fairness and the rule of law are paramount. And that terrifies bubble people. For they see the bubble as the source of their power, a Great Wall beyond which access is granted only to those with the right credentials i.e. compatible thought. If you want to be in my gang, and all that. Bubble people are defined, identifiable by their fixed views as gang members are identified by their tattoos, and both are pretty much set for life. It takes bravery to be free of either.

But for the bubble people in the field of financial crime risk management, compliance and related topics, I pose a particular threat: I know their stuff at least as well as they do and, often, rather better and I have a far broader perspective to set it in.

But, if calling me “contrarian” makes sense to you, fine. After all, it’s you that’s in the bubble, not me. You’re laughing on the inside, the rest of the world is crying on the outside, wondering what awful things you are going to do next. I’m with them against the restrictive, small-minded, often uninformed bubble people. Break out, join us, the world is a wondrous place outside the bubble. And yes, you’ll find it scary at first, like a caged animal escaping after a long period of captivity. Yes, you can smell the roses or you can get hay fever but at the end of that day, that’s life. It’s better to do that than to live in a rarefied atmosphere where barely anything smells good or bad, a sanitised environment. And no-one ever farts. But we on the outside have something you don’t have in your bubble: we have unfiltered light, a light that shows things as they are not as the bubble people want them to be.

Come. Join us. All you need is to recognise that you don’t belong in that container, that it’s really someone else’s bubble and you can prick it and be free to think and say the things that the shackles of narrowly popular thinking have so far prevented.

And when someone calls you “contrarian,” then you can say “thanks but actually, I’m a populist, I’m the voice of reason, I am a free-thinker. I am me.”


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