20200614 Malaysia can rescue Formula One’s 2020 season. This is how.

A Malaysia Night Race?

If Sepang were to host two races back to back, one could be a night race. If F1 (actually F1, not delegated) were to ask to borrow or rent the lights, mountings and wiring from SIN, there is ample time to set them up. And while SIN is a shorter track and needs less lights than would be required at Sepang, there is an interesting feature at Sepang – the start finish straight is a virtual tunnel and therefore can be lit with lights similar to those in Monaco providing a different experience. Lighting over the start-finish line need not be super-bright: the tech gives the result anyway.

The track has ample space for temporary accommodation and there are hotels that can also be isolation centres, a total of several hundred rooms, within a few kilometres of the track. If secure transport is provided, the question of accommodation can be easily solved.

Add in that the spectators’ gallery above the pit lane can become a comfortable dormitory and that only leaves the question of catering supplies and that’s no problem at all.