20200720 It’s a training course, you twit, not a book!

I was having so much fun, I mostly forgot to eat, drink, even sleep. One morning, I started work at 4 am. At seven the following morning, I realised I’d been at my desk for 25 out of 27 hours. I went to bed. I was back at my desk at 9 and worked until early evening. For all that time, my left arm was either typing or using a mouse, racing up and down multiple documents with the scrolling wheel because I don’t like trackballs.

I put the course to bed, posted promos across social media and turned off the PC.

Then I tried to pick up my coffee cup and my arm didn’t work.

I stood up and realised that from my left trapezoid to the back of my hand wasn’t working properly. And it hurt. My arm was twisted out of shape, my hand looked like a claw, my arm like a bird with a broken wing. Just one more person f***ed by Epstein and his cronies, although in my case it is, thankfully, adjectival not physical.

Now it’s Monday. I’m back at my desk. I’ve put the previous correspondent banking course on one side and I’ve started a new version; its conceptually entirely different. But now all the research has been done and the concepts are straight in my head. Fingers crossed it’ll be ready by the end of this week. Fingers crossed on my right hand, that is. The left one still isn’t working properly.

So, take pity on an invalid. Buy the Deutsch / NY DFS / Epstein course (25% off if you buy today or tomorrow with coupon Quick1 ) and the correspondent banking course when it comes out.

They contain blood, sweat and tears.

Well, not so much blood but definitely the other two!

And they’ll do you good. Memo to self: rename the e-learning platform “prophylcaticsforcomplianceofficers.com.”

Or not.


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