20200808 CoVid-19, the number 8 and why I gave up with recordings in 1997.

For students of numerology, and for those who know anything about Chinese culture, there′s some interesting stuff.

It′s the 8th course active course since February (excluding ″how to use″).

Today is the 8th day of the 8th Month.

The course will be live at 8 am GMT.

It provides 8 hours Portable CPD ™ where it′s recognised.
It costs GBP 80 including UK VAT where applicable

There is an 8 day voucher: when applied, you′ll pay 80% of the usual fee.

The voucher code is 888.

This message is scheduled to go out at the same time.

So, with all those eights, it should be a success 🙂

The full curriculum of each course is on line so you can see what you are getting into.

Check out these and other courses at


Be happy, safe and well

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

*Things change.


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