20201019 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Manager

There are those who think teleconferencing is a pretty neat idea.

Well, it was, in the 1990s (been there, done that, got bored with it). As the crisis deepened and working from home became a long-term situation, its limitations soon became obvious.

And while for intergovernmental conferences with tribes of hangers-on it would save taxpayers vast amounts of money, in the commercial world it’s rubbish.

There are people who have been trapped by border controls, away from their families, now, for as many as nine months. And away from their offices, too.

Even those with distributed organisations within countries have been unable, in many cases, to visit offices and plant away from the centre.

And still they have to pretend it’s all OK while drawing up plans that will inevitably involve default on leases of premises, plant and machinery, breaches of banking covenants, preparing to make high proportions of loyal staff redundant, failing to pay suppliers knowing that the survival of their own company might involve the knowing destruction of someone else’s.