20201221 My end-of-year newsletter : suspicious activity reports; failure to regulate lawyers and more

Work from home, but don’t take your work home with you.

Remember, just because you’ve been working from home for eight or ten months doesn’t mean you have to answer your phone in the middle of your Christmas lunch, etc.

Don’t add yourself to the millions of people having family problems, divorce or seeking mental health support during this awful year.

And if you know someone who is spending Christmas in isolation, for whatever reason, just send them a smiley or something – but probably not a photo of you and your family around a heaving seasonal table. Research shows that seeing everyone else’s happy snaps on Facebook, etc. makes the vulnerable feel worse.

Whatever kind of Christmas you are able to have, be happy, safe and well and here’s my best wishes for a much, much brighter and less difficult 2021.

Also, thanks for your support over what is now more than a quarter of a century in this field after a first career in legal practice.

And now the payoff.

Amongst our financial crime risk and compliance training e-learning courses (no mask required and social distancing guaranteed) we have…

Financial crime risk and compliance training for lawyers and all who deal with them.

There’s an easy to remember address: Financial Crime Training.com

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