20210224 What’s in a name?

The advert: We are on target to release the next generation of Quick to Learn More in March. Quick to Learn More is e-learning for staff from front-liners to managers in financial and other businesses required to educate their staff in financial crime risk and compliance. You can read about it at quicktolearnmore.com

In the meantime, we will launch this week a new Essentials course about VAT and VAT fraud including carousel and missing trader fraud. Essentials courses are for compliance officers and senior managers, directors and owners. They are also useful for investigators, prosecutors and judges.

While you are here, why not take a browse around our catalogue and see what takes your fancy?

And finally, take a last look at our launch graphic for these blogcasts.

As an homage to the great names of rock amplification, Marshall and VOX, with a nod to Spinal Tap, it’s served its purpose. It’s been a source of amusement and a talking point but its time is past. It’s time to get serious and our image should reflect that.

With the next blogcast, it will be consigned to the dustbin of history and replaced with a minimalist – arguably brutalist – graphic entirely lacking in humour and leaving nothing to interpretation. That’s kind of fitting given that clarity is what I do – even if, sometimes, I mangle grammar to do it.

There’s a subtle name-change, too.

We will ditch the term blogcast and launch the term BLOG/cast. Oh, that doesn’t work in audio, does it? You’ll just have to wait and see it, won’t you? Or read the text version at countermoneylaundering.com.

The new graphic also plays better in our new YouTube channel where some (but not all) of the BLOG/casts are being posted with a static image. The new graphic will get its first outing there, with this episode. Not that I recommend the YouTube version – the conversion process reduces the sound quality. The original, at financialcrimebroadcasting.com is far superior. The YouTube channel is just there for promotional purposes.