20210318 Case studies update, Quick to Learn More progress, BLOG / casts proving popular

Updates from Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training and from Financial Crime Broadcasting.



Case Studies: we’ve added two new case studies in the past week. One, an insurance fraud, is perhaps one of the most ridiculous cases – and the most tragic – in our collection.

See https://learning.financialcrimeriskandcompliancetraining.com/courses/financial-crime-case-studies-criminal-cases


There’s no let-up in the development of courses for Quick To Learn More, as it approaches its relaunch.

As scheduled, the first set of modules, including Key Concepts (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) will be released before the end of March, providing certificated training and helping your staff to begin collecting points towards their Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance.

For more information, see https://www.quicktolearnmore.com


Our BLOG / casts are getting attention, which is nice. There are some snatches at YouTube and the full versions are at www.financialcrimebroadcasting.com