20210321 – An inadvertent blog

I thought I had nothing current to say, as I’m busy readying myself for the relaunch of Quick To Learn more in a few days. But it was time to write a newsletter, in particular drawing attention to quicktolearnmore.com and a couple of things at financialcrimetraining.com

As I wrote the tailpiece, it turned into an inadvertent article that works as a blog. I’m not going to BLOG / cast it. Here, in its original form including the ads 🙂



Good morning.

I’m sending a brief note because it’s been a while since the last one but there is good reason for that.

There have been several developments at www.financialcrimeriskandcompliancetraining.com.

** We’ve two new courses that are on very hot topics.

These are

Essentials: Value Added Tax including Missing Trader / Carousel Fraud.

Micro-course: Non-fungible tokens (NSTs)

** We’ve added several cases to the Criminal Case Book including a remarkable case in which a murderer has been charged with insurance fraud.

** We are almost ready to launch the first batch of modules in the new iteration of Quick To Learn More. Primarily aimed that the corporate market, we have returned to our 2002 roots with the tri-modular approach of a compulsory Key Concepts module followed by a jurisdiction module and a module for business areas, which we call “market segmentation.” Every page is new and bringing Quick To Learn More back to its former glory as a pioneer in the field of remote learning has not been easy. As time goes by more jurisdictions and more market segmentation modules will be added, with the order to a degree being set by demand.

Quick To Learn More is aimed at front-liners to managers for whom it goes from beginner to intermediate level. It also provides the framework upon which compliance officers, senior managers, owners and directors can build with additional courses from our wider range.

** We’ve got a new logo for the BLOG / casts (that’s new, too!). There are some snatches on YouTube but we don’t like the quality after our original has gone through a series of three conversions before it YouTube releases it. Even so, if you want a teaser rather than listening at www.financialcrimebroadcasting.com, feel free to look them out.