20210722 The anatomy of crime originated in e-mail.

Sample 1: July 2021 Verbatim.

From: Dr. Rezaeikhan Reza <duplooyhanri01@gmail.com>
Subject: Our company is seeking to diversify our financial portfolio

Body: Dear Sir____

I am contacting you on behalf of AlKaz Investment Management, My name is Dr.
Rezaeikhan Reza Ali, I’m the Director of Investments Management. Our company is seeking to diversify our financial portfolio by exploring and investing in
lucrative and viable investment projects and is focused on growth and value
creation across Financial Services like Real Estate and Technology,Including
Aircraft Leasing,Aerospace,Mining, Hospitality,Green Coal,Food,Media &
Communication, Blockchain, Renewable energy,Healthcare, Education,
Agriculture,Offshore Oil and Gas Services and Infrastructure etc.____

AlKaz Investment Management bring together and managing a multi – billion dollar portfolio of regional and international investments, which we wish to re-invest through project funding on investment loan to third party investors, project owners and business facilitators on a 3% interest rate per annum on long term investment projects that can generate good ROI within the period of funding same project on a minimum investment fund of one Million to Five Billion USD. We shall be glad to receive your project plan in the form of a project presentation in a compatible format ( PDF-preferred) for our review and comprehension.Our aim is to build sustainable and attractive returns for stakeholders and partners by managing and disbursing capital in areas where the company sights opportunities and can add value.____

Kindly contact me via email for more details: ____

I look forward to hear from you,____

Dr. Rezaeikhan Reza.

A search revealed only one company with a similar name: Alkaz Investments in Dubai. It is part of the Al Tayer group. Also, there are several people with the name Dr. Rezaeikhan Reza in the financial world, mostly in the Middle East, but this is only part of the name in each case that we found except one.

There is no connection with this spam.

Sample 2: July 2021 Verbatim.

*Your package is ready for delivery!*

Your package is ready for delivery!
The remaining delivery fee is £ 1
and must be paid within 24 hours.

Make a payment of £ 1 to deliver your package.

[the domain was women-china.com. I don’t remember ordering a mail order bride.

[There is no useful information as to why a target would click to pay such a small amount. It is, however, interesting that the spammer knew to use GBP as the relevant currency.

Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime

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