20041007 In Hot Pursuit of Terrorist Funds

However, in researching the issue of racial profiling, and in researching the commentaries on the use of charities by Islamic groups several things come to light:

1. those most vehemently in favour of racial profiling in connection with terrorism and its funding are Jewish: indeed Malkin is a contributor to Jewish World Review

2. the “evidence” produced by many commentators is identically or nearly identically phrased, and recites the same issues as reasons what amount to be a denouncement of all things Muslim. These range from best selling “investigative books” to pamphlets and websites – and startlingly turn up in “testimony” before the US Senate. Our own analysis of much of this material indicates a central source for it, and we, as have many other analysts have concluded that much of the material published to produce profiles of terrorists is more likely than not to be Mossad (Israeli Secret Service) propaganda.5

And the impact of this is clearly visible: “A Gallup poll taken shortly after the 9/11 attacks found that 60 percent of Americans supported racial profiling of Arabs at airports, and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, which inspects trucks carrying hazardous materials, announced it would start searching Arab-looking drivers based on their race. “ 6

This all translates into serious problems for financial services businesses: if the received wisdom upon which banks are expected to identify those suspected of funding terrorism or being involved in terrorism has been co-ordinated by the intelligence services of any country with a clearly defined interest in creating a specific impression, then how valid or reliable can it be?

And if it is not valid or reliable, how can we expect a) businesses and b) governments to act upon it?