Paper: How not to stuff up your job interview

Now we’ll look at how you react to them and they react to you.

DO NOT MUMBLE. Do not speak fast. Speak clearly but not loudly. You could try, in advance, finding out how to project your voice. Projection can fill a room but it is not shouting. It’s all about where you generate the sound and how you power it. It’s not difficult and if you learn it you will sound confident even when you are not.

Do not confuse confidence with arrogance. Do not walk into the room as if you own it.

Do not try to dominate with your presence or your voice.

Equally, do not be subservient and do not be obsequious. You are meeting potential employers, not royalty.

Non-verbal communication is incredibly important. It’s a much bigger topic than simply “body language.”

Non-verbal communication is part of a broader suite of communications tools.

Everything from the way you open the door to the way you walk through it and the way you cross the room until you walk out and close the door behind you is under scrutiny. To repeat, you should assume that you are under scrutiny from the moment you arrive at the company’s premises – everywhere that is except when you go to the loo for the final pee before the interview. And even then, someone might be watching how long you spend in there.