The other 9/11: lessons in compliance and risk management

This article was first published by Complinet / Thompson Reuters on 29 April 2012.

Shortly after the beginning of the working day on September 11 an aircraft crashed, killing all on board. But this was not September 11, 2001; it was 10 years earlier and arguably should have had a much greater effect on compliance and risk management than the events of 2001. This and other cases demonstrate the often under-emphasised difference between external (i.e., regulatory or legal) compliance and internal (i.e., policies and procedures) compliance.

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20200825 Busy Bees or Busy Work?

Financial Crime Broadcasting dot com blog casts It′s been a busy few weeks in financial crime. One has to wonder how much of it is pent-up action that people have found ways to do since the world began working from its back-bedroom or the kitchen table and how much of it is people trying to keep busy so they look as if they are achieving something when they haven′t found ways to perform their normal duties effectively.

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