20140214 Why I love my job.

I’m feeling all loved up this morning and it’s not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Sitting in my study, looking out across the rooftops of Kuala Lumpur to the Petronas Twin Towers glinting in the early morning sun, the birds chirping (there are no trees so they nest high in the building – about 10 metres away from me) and, because most of the heavy work has been done, the air is clear of both noise and dust from the construction that has turned my part of the city something reminiscent of Hong Kong in the 1980s. Far below me, there’s a Chinese Temple and today is the 15th day of New Year. So far this morning, the glorious melting pot that is central KL has given me the call for prayer from the nearby mosque, the call to mass from the nearby church and the drums and fireworks that are designed not to call but to repel evil spirits as the New Year finally gets underway after two weeks of festival. I’m one of, in global terms, the lucky few who gets to live where he loves to live.

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