Financial Crime Broadcasting

Everything old is new again.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill recorded financial crime risk and compliance lectures under the title “Dirty Cash” in 1997. Released on audio cassette the lectures were studio produced by Morris-Cotterill’s friends moonlighting from their jobs in BBC Radio. The cassette format meant that the tapes could be played in the car, in the pocket or in the living room or office.

So when podcasting came along, for Morris-Cotterill, it was very much a matter of “been there, done that and done it properly. No need to do it again.”

But eventually, market influences have taken over and Morris-Cotterill is now recording some of his Blogs as BLOG/casts.

We’ve gone a stage further with the launch of Financial Crime Broadcasting, a curated service for invited presenters to deliver expert level commentary.

Launched initially with Morris-Cotterill’s own BLOG/casts, the new service will grow to be a unique resource.

On demand, in your browser. No app required.

For more information, see Financial Crime Broadcasting .com